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    Help for Seniors & Caregivers


    The Dallas Area Agency on Aging coordinates a comprehensive, integrated service access system. The Dallas Area Agency on Aging Care Managers work to ensure easy access to services provided to and for Dallas County older adults and their caregivers. The following services are currently provided by Dallas Area Agency on Aging.

    Care Coordination

    This program works to assist older adult clients with difficult or multiple problems. Services include:

    • Minor Home Repair
    • Chore Services
    • Personal Assistance
    • Health Maintenance
    • Income Support
    For questions regarding Care Coordination or for a referral, please call 2-1-1.

    Family Caregiver Support

    This program provides a multi-faceted system of support services for family caregivers and grandparents raising grandchildren or older individuals who are relative caregivers. The intent is to ease the emotional, physical, and financial strain of caregiving. Services include:

    • Respite Care
    • Minor Home Repair
    • Chore Services
    • Income Support
    • Health Maintenance
    For questions regarding Care Coordination or for a referral, please call 2-1-1.

    Benefits Counseling

    This program provides prescreening and referral for public benefits. It helps seniors and caregivers understand Social Security, SSI, Medicare and Medicaid as well as Medicare Supplement and Long-Term Care Insurance.

  • Empower!you

    Staying Healthy at Home with The Dallas Area Agency on Aging

    Our EmpowerYou! team provide evidence-based health and wellness workshops that empower adults to actively manage their conditions and take the steps necessary to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Our workshops have been highly researched and proven to be effective in a community setting and provide better health, better health care, and reduced health-related costs.


    Please connect with us to stay healthy while at home. Email or call a member of our Evidence Based Team to register or find out more about our free health education classes and tool kits available.

    Chronic Disease Self-Management Virtual Workshop

    Do you have a chronic health condition, or do you know someone who does? Our Chronic Disease Self-Management Program helps those living with a chronic health conditional improve their general health. (reed more...)

    Diabetes Self-Management Virtual Workshop


    Have you been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, Type II Diabetes, or know someone who has been? Our Diabetes Self-Management Workshop helps those living with diabetes or pre-diabetes to improve their general health. (read more…)

    Chronic Pain Self-Management Virtual Workshop

    Do you have chronic pain, or do you know someone who does? Our Chronic Pain Self-Management Workshop helps individuals and their loved ones deal with the ongoing issues associated with chronic pain. (read more…)​

  • Empower!You is expanding!

    Community Partners: If you would like to host a Matter of Balance or Self Management Programs at your facility, contact us.


    Volunteer Lay Leaders & Coaches: If you are motivated to help older adults maintain their independence and live better lives, Empower!You provides a meaningful way to invest your time and help our community.


    Physicians: You can refer your patients to either Self-Management Programs or A Matter of Balance classes.

  • All of us research program

    The All of Us Research Program is a large research program. The goal is to help researchers understand more about why people get sick or stay healthy.

    Better choices, better health dallas

    Better Choices, Better Health Dallas classes provide seniors with diabetes self-management strategies for healthier living.

    NEED A WILL? We can help!

    Are you a Dallas County resident 60 years of age or older? If so, DAAA and the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program can assist you with any questions you may have regarding your will. If you need additional information or would like to RSVP please call Corina Castro at 214-954-4220 or email ccastro@ccadvance.org. Please note: income restrictions apply. Must be a Dallas County resident over the age of 60. RSVP required.

  • transportation services

    Many older adults and people with disabilities find it hard to travel to work, doctors appointments, or to visit friends. At MyRide Dallas, we want you to stay mobile and continue living a full, rich life.


    Let MyRide Dallas connect you to the transportation options you need and keep moving around town.

    Download a copy of the Get A Ride HERE

    Give us a call! 972-855-8084

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