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    Our EmpowerYou! team provide evidence-based health and wellness workshops that empower adults to actively manage their conditions and take the steps necessary to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Our workshops have been highly researched and proven to be effective in a community setting and provide better health, better health care, and reduced health-related costs.

    Please connect with us to stay healthy while at home. Email or call a member of our Evidence Based Team to register or find out more about our free health education classes and tool kits available.

  • Chronic Disease Self-Management

    Do you have a chronic health condition, or do you know someone who does? Our Chronic Disease Self-Management Program helps those living with a chronic health condition improve their general health.

    Diabetes Self-Management

    Have you been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, Type II Diabetes, or know someone who has been? Our Diabetes Self-Management Workshop helps those living with diabetes or pre-diabetes to improve their general health.

    Chronic Pain Self-Management

    Do you have chronic pain, or do you know someone who does? Our Chronic Pain Self-Management Workshop helps individuals and their loved ones deal with the ongoing issues associated with chronic pain.

    Tool Kit For Active Living With Chronic Conditions

    This program includes all tools in the Chronic Disease, Diabetes, and Chronic Pain Self-Management Programs, packaged into a specialized Tool Kit just for you. It offers an alternative method for those who cannot or do not wish to attend workshops in person or online. There are three different Tool Kits available: Chronic Conditions, Diabetes, or Chronic Pain.


    Have you been feeling down, discouraged, or blue? Or have you had little interest or desire to do things? We have the program for you! PEARLS is a one-on-one program of eight (8) one-hour life skills sessions held over 19 weeks. Sessions are scheduled at your convenience and will be held over the phone.

    Your Medication, Your Life!

    Stay up to date on your medications by getting a free medication review. Individuals taking 2 or more medications can receive a review to identify possible side effects, drug-to-drug interactions, and drug sensitivities. Our licensed pharmacists will review medication list and we will follow-up with you regarding with any questions or concerns.

    A Matter of Balance

    A Matter of Balance was designed to decrease the fear of falling and increase activity levels in older adults. In this 8 week in-person workshop or 9 week online workshop, participants engage in group discussions, problem solving activities and physical activity to help reduce the fear of falling and increase strength, flexibility , endurance and stamina. This workshop is for adults who are concerned about falling or have fallen, age 60+, residing in Dallas County.

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    Ask For An Evidence Based Team Member.

  • "Upcoming EMPOWER YOU Workshops​"

    To Register For A Program Click Here:

    For Information Email: empoweryou@ccgd.org

    Main number: 214-871-5065 Ask For An Evidence Based Team Member.

  • Empower!You is expanding!

    Community Partners: If you are interested in Self-Management Programs at your facility, contact us.


    Volunteer Lay Leaders & Coaches: If you are motivated to help older adults maintain their independence and live better lives, Empower!You provides a meaningful way to invest your time and help our community.


    Physicians: You can refer your patients to either Self-Management Programs or A Matter of Balance classes.

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