• About Us

    Moving families forward, leaving poverty behind.

  • Mission

    Community Council of Greater Dallas provides leadership in moving individuals and families from surviving to thriving. We improve quality of life by alleviating poverty, fostering independence and wellness and connecting people to the resources they need.

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    Community Council envisions vital communities which enable each individual to achieve his or her full potential:

    • Vital communities in which individuals and families are stable and achieve economic security;
    • Where people live healthy lives with maximum independence and resilience;
    • And where people are engaged in building opportunities
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    Strengthening Community

    We develop relationships, convene partners, and build inclusive and diverse coalitions. We provide capacity building programs, community technical assistance services, and create learning communities that strengthen the human services ecosystem.

    Delivering Impact

    We pursue ambitious, meaningful outcomes that benefit our community. We utilize community needs analysis to make informed decisions for creating long-term impact and to advocate for systemic change within our community.

    Maintaining Quality

    We strive to provide the highest quality of direct services to our clients. We establish consistent and equitable guidelines for selecting and monitoring subcontractors and/or sub-grantees who provide services to our clients.

    Demonstrating Transparency and Accountability

    We are transparent and collaborative in our work with our clients, strategic partners, and the broader community. We commit to good stewardship of resources and financial accountability.

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    Since its incorporation in 1943, Community Council of Greater Dallas has identified services that are needed in the community, assessed how best services could be delivered to meet social issues, and mobilized and implemented action plans working in concert with its member agencies and public sector resources.


    Pervasive issues over time have included juvenile delinquency and welfare; older adults; public health; daycare; and legislative advocacy. The Community Council met these challenges through fact-based research, deploying volunteers, incubating new services and agencies, expanding government programs where appropriate, convening collaborative work and delivering selected direct services.


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