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    Community Council of Greater Dallas

    DELIVERABLES REQUESTED: Contract Grant Writer

    Issuance Date: March 15, 2024
    DEADLINE: March 29, 2024


    Community Council of Greater Dallas is seeking an experienced grant writer who can prepare bids, proposals and/or applications on potential Federal and non-federal awards or projects that support the mission of Community Council, and with the assistance of program staff, develop data necessary to support the bids or proposals.

    Proposals submitted must show the above proposal title. CCGD assumes noresponsibility for unmarked or incorrectly marked envelopes or emails being considered for award.


    For more information on qualifications and submission instructions, please view the documents HERE.


    Community Needs Assessment Needed

    A community needs assessment establishes a profile of a community, noting both needs as well as community resources. Subrecipients conduct assessments to determine the needs in a community that can be addressed and the population that is most impacted by the need. Subrecipients should include both qualitative and quantitative data to assist in identifying needs in the community. From this identification of needs on both the family and community level, and through a strategic process that also includes consideration of agency needs, Subrecipients determine the outcomes that they plan to achieve.


    CNA Checklist

    Quantitative Consultant Services

    Qualitative Consultant Services