• Economic Mobility

    Moving people out of poverty and into living wage employment.

  • Emergency Rent or Utility Assistance

    Applications accepted first calendar week of each month.

    Landlords and customers must agree to work with Community Council.

    Thank You for Contacting Community Council


    • Emergency Rent and Utility assistance is only open to Dallas County residents who are at below 200% of the federal poverty level depending on funding availability.
    • Your landlord or leasing office must agree to work with Community Council of Greater Dallas.
    • Our online portal is open the first calendar week of each month and services are provided on a first com/first served basis.
    • All participants must meet income guidelines to qualify for services. Income is based on gross household income for previous 30 days of employment. Only income for adults 18 and older will be assessed to qualify.
    • To see if you fall within our income guidelines, please click here:
  • The poverty rate in Dallas is the third highest in the country and considered one of its top challenges. Community Council of Greater Dallas believes access to education and employment opportunities for people with disadvantaged backgrounds is a major component to the solution, as well as providing emergency financial assistance for rent, mortgage, utilities, and food.


    • Applicants must reside in Dallas County and meet income guidelines according to the Federal Income Guidelines (see tables to the right)
    • Applicants will be required to provide the following documents:
      • Social Security Card
      • Utility Bill
      • Full Rental Lease
      • Benefits Support Letter such as food stamps, SSI
      • Pay Stubs for last 30 days
      • Additional documentation may be requested
    • Please have an ID with you. A social security card is preferred but not required.

    How does it Work?

    After your information has been received, you will be contacted by one of our case managers or application specialists who will assist in determining your eligibility for services. After approval, forms will be sent for your electronic signature. If you do not have access to an email or computer, we will do our best to assist with getting your application signed in person.

    How Soon Will I Hear from Someone?

    As mentioned, services are provided on a first come, first served basis and we will contact everyone as soon as possible. WE ONLY ACCEPT APPLICATIONS THE FIRST WEEK OF EVERY MONTH. APPLYING DOES NOT GUARANTEE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE. If you want to check on the status of your application, please email erem@ccadvance.org.

    How Long Does The Process Take?

    Once an application is signed, we will send a pledge to your utility company, landlord or leasing office showing the balance that we agree to pay within 45 days. You will be provided a copy of the pledge as well and we will notify you as soon as the check is ready.
    If you have received a copy of our pledge, you can check on your current client application by clicking on:

    Do you need emergency assistance or want to become financially independent and secure? Apply here for help.


    • Dallas County residents only.
    • Adding ALL family members to your online application is beneficial to confirm eligibility in a timely manner. 
    • Be prepared to submit ALL necessary documents to support application for assistance to your assigned Community Council staff member. 
    • If you have questions, please email sdelacruz@ccadvance.org You may also call (214) 954-4241 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm and ask to speak with Sandra de la Cruz.


    • Solo para residentes del condado de Dallas.
    • Agregue a TODOS los miembros de su familia a su solicitud para confirmar su elegibilidad de manera correcta.
    • Esté preparado para enviar TODOS los documentos necesarios para respaldar la solicitud de asistencia a nuestro trabajador asignado. 
    • Si tiene preguntas, por favor mande un correo electrónico a sdelacruz@ccadvance.org.
  • What if I received a Disconnection or Eviction Notice?

    We understand some situations may need to be handled more quickly than others. Due to the high volume of clients we cannot guarantee that we can prevent an eviction/disconnection, but if you have received an eviction or disconnection notice, please email us at erem@ccadvance.org and we will do our best to assist you as quickly as possible. Please ONLY email if you have an Eviction or Disconnection Notice after you apply online or in person with CC.

    What is A Pledge?

    A pledge is a signed form from Community Council that is sent to your landlord/utility company explaining how much we are agreeing to pay on your behalf. We work with all major electric companies, Atmos Energy, and the City of Dallas Water.

    What does the Pledge Cover?

    Rental Assistance

    Pledges for rental assistance can only be made for only past due rent. Community Council can only pay for the monthly amount listed on the lease.

    Example: Your rent is $1200/mo. and you are three months behind, we might be able to pay $3,600.00 depending on funding availability.

    Community Council cannot pay late fees, court fees, administrative fees, trash collection fee, etc.


    Utility Assistance

    Full copies of each past due bill must be submitted in order for a pledge to be made. Community Council can only pay for the “current charges” listed on each bill.

    Community Council cannot pay late fees, disconnection/reconnection fees, etc.


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